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August 24, 2013


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Epic Aug 2013 Feature :D

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 24, 2013, 2:58 PM

So I offered (in forums) if people shared their 3 newest with me then I would feature one of them...  here's how that turned out (in no particular order, mixed):

Blossom by feltedfluffs  The Mother Reborn by HopeHavoc  Shiranui Reborn by Cabbion  <da:thumb id="391918183"/>  Batman and Robin by Meryo  No more tears... (lines) by PrisonerofConvention  <da:thumb id="389496360"/>  Artorias Headbust Birthday Gift for osusuki~ by Nethyrmea  Zygfryd by rosaarvensis  Inner Fire by 3litza  Capture a Moment in Time by musicismylife10027  Messenger by kika1983  ..:.Gluecks.Kind.:.. by DeathxFairy  Tritt fest by derJake  [I] The Flower of War by Timothi-Ellim  <da:thumb id="385960092"/>  Remember by Synergievdp  Untitled by stokstaartje  Yuki tears by HalfEarth  Burning Gates by PonderHope  Chapter 17 HPDH Bathilda's Secret by SaBenerica  Dream Walk by iniZny  ::Collab:: Chocobikies by yuuike  Guren - Uruha by sadiztah31  C: Little Witch by SilverChaim  Zombie by sophiaazhou  Moss Rocks by nonverbalexpressive  Moonromanticism by Aevintyr  GIF - Timelapse postcard by turst67  Xena by AllieJacques  Death and Justice Pg 24 by SapphireSorrow  <da:thumb id="389421791"/>  Heavy Metal Demon by malverro  Gunslinger by AraDolls  What's This V2 by Wolfgrl13  <da:thumb id="351103392"/>  My Song by Risocaa  Rose Doodle by BRiA-DOT  The Gallery by Beholder89  Bigger version of my I.D. by thelordofdogtown  Mischievous Cat by Raikk0  Be My Light by Sareth1337  paint my world with color by Amelie1994  <da:thumb id="392477820"/>  Paper or Plastic? by JeffLPoltergeist  <da:thumb id="392451474"/>  Shower by GilgaPhoenixIgnis  Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic - Aladdin Color by Flajdesz  Go to sleep by Morrison3000  Shirsho and Merlin - Requested Drawing by ArkaMustang  Monochrome Thirty Two by iAriaArt  Hanging On! by praline815  Ships by Paivatar  Sabi RAVEEEEEE by GohanLuvVidel  Dwarf (zoom) by mickyjenver  Henry by TemperTempest  August Morning Sun by BritLawrence  Bleach and Cloth 031 by LOSTgnosis  Meet Tom by McIdea  SOMA Book 1-Title Page Progression by TheRebornAce  Plague by MythicalFolk  Steve by simone4390  All Men are Pigs by Reptonic  The Mask by Breakaway13  Patrick McGoohan by FutureReagan  Ruby and the Spirit - vol1 - page 18 by Elementlover  Shish kebab angels! by Samuel-Paul  Whisper by Nectarino  Please Don't Cry Kai... Updated by nightandkai  Bitter by TheBlackBullets  Maskenball by AnOtherSunrise  YOU ARE THE LIGHT__DOODLE by anyazalia  100MTC - Haze 2/2 by Synthetic--Ecstasy  Group of Roses by Loffy0  Sit down boy by 7th-Derp  The vampire queen by BumbleBeesh  Mighty Mouth 2 by Maj0rMareMolester  Ice princess by Offline65  Los Lobo by KunichiMinamino  (Burry) Marry me by KorikoRan  Eren by Zurainnena  Remote Angel - KICKSTARTER by FaithWalkers  little moments by xniiicole  Mama Flapper by RunsOnPixiStix  In Jail by DreamingSkyline  Maleficent by cadavis3  A Simple Journey by PWNPROD  Sardine Box by pixie-on-mushroom  182 - Industry by goldleader23  Spotty Sleepy by NyanQueen  Kandi SALE!!! by Skysofdreams  Le Club Kitti-Chat by EmiliAlys  A Hours Walk by DPasschier  Abrosia by oivertwist  Enjoy! by 9kitsune9  <da:thumb id="370374805"/>  Gajeel Redfox in a Pokeball by Jonathanjo  From The Sky and The Ocean by Qihah  All You Can Eat Buffet by TheMoonMonkey  Jellyfish by PinchOfPixelDust  Cyborg Alien Mylexis - Redux by KodeMaster  Free ass-kicking by Felizias  Disney Dancers: Snow White by ZellyKat  Superman Rescues an Anime Girl by HeonGaiden  Bonjour! by Yuki-Natuski-24  Commission - Opeh by CharlotteChambers  Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow by WoLfS-RAiN-HERO  Capreline OC: Estee by KaePotassium  Frost redesign by Fuee  Tickseed by Sing-Down-The-Moon  Morning by RogueFiddler  Stars by TanukiQueen  my neighbor totoro by BowieKelly  Yamraiha by Sylvae00  Some of them some of them by Cassiuseos  Little friends by HoshinoDestiny  Tobi, do you like this? by Ayee-San  Woman Scorned pg 2 by DrawDrone  free flowing by KerstinS  <da:thumb id="391384530"/>  Winchesters by Jaybirdy  <da:thumb id="368606242"/>  Emily Looking by NJada  Orb of Faust by Art-of-the-Seraphim  <da:thumb id="392580033"/>  Cera Mageslayer by KillianSeraphim  Big City by AnikaNagpalArt  The Pretty Prankster by PMucks  Point Commiss - Cute couple by AikaArfeiniel  Me!? by Abberz1  White by Deadly-Tea-Party  Thranduil by Racuch  River by hever  Broken Nightmares Cover by AddictiveNightmare  Female Practice by Rachopin77 

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